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 Engineering (25sep2009)

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This folder contains some stuff pertaining my engineering activity.

Here is an excerpt of my thesis, written in italian, about an identification method for reduced thermal models of power converters. This work proposes a system level method to estimate the junction temperature of the power switches used in static power converters. The thermal model is based on RC nets: this kind of models had been widely adopted and validated, representing a convenient choice at this level of approximation. The identification procedure is arranged composing the module characterization provided by its manufacturer with external temperature measurements, implementing the necessary software tools to collect and elaborate the data. The validation, obtained comparing the actual and the simulated transient case temperature, shows an error within the expected approximation. [icoPdfFile.png]Tesi_parte.pdf (3934KB) ..But the best part is that was edited using LaTeX, and most of its illustrations created with PStricks magic.

Here is a brief (unfortunately in italian) dissertation about the asynchronous motor electromechanical model, based on the papers of prof. Superti Furga and written during its course of Electromechanical Systems Modelization at Politecnico di Milano.
Here is the .pdf file: [icoPdfFile.png]ModelloAsincrono.pdf (747KB) and, for the worthies, the [latex]LaTeX source: [ico7zArchive.png]ModelloAsincrono043c_src.7z (105KB)