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 Favorites (25sep2009)
Some worthy links: And some worthy apps: Some criterion to choose a tool:
  • Free or open source
  • Storing/exporting to open formats like xml to reuse your work
  • State of the art
  • One perfect example is yEd for diagrams
Along to the editors bundled with Eclipse Borland C++ Builder NetBeans Aptana Almost every programmer The search for the perfect text editor for a programmer is like the holy graal quest In my experience I used ConTEXT, Notepad++, PSPad and now Sublime text. and so on Typically my needs are encoding/line ending,
  • PSPad
    • Very good scripting support (WSH), I used javascript, you can do everything with it, very powerful!
    • Code explorer, very useful to navigate source (also XML files)
    • Code highlighting rules too simple (just keywords list)
    • Dark theme applies just on editor area, the rest is up to Windows
    • A lot of things I do not use
    • Very basic editing features, there is column selection but no column editing nor smart token highlighting
  • Notepad++
    • Column editing
    • Multiline search and replace
    • Smart token highlighting
    • Good plugin system, but not so immediate obtain what you want with LUA
    • Code highlighting rules does not support regular expressions